Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Balyage vs. Ombre color

Balyage is a really hot trend right now, you’ll see it in all the latest magazines. It gives a natural, sun kissed look that is subtle and natural at the base then melts into lighter shades through the mid shaft and ends. It looks beautifully effortless like the random color you’d receive after being at the beach all summer! It will grow out without developing obvious roots.

The technique is done freehand, it is very versatile and can be used to achieve many looks, including ombre color. You will fall in love with the fabulous results.

Ombre hair color has become one of the most popular trends for the celebrities in 2011. Ombre hair is accomplished by creating darker roots and extending downward to lighter ends.

Both of these techniques are such a personalized color that no one will have but you! Balyage and ombre color look amazing on brunettes and blondes!

The more subtle sun kissed looking balyage color:

The more dramatic two tone ombre color:

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